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Getting in Shape

July 5, 2006

We took Ruby down to Kate’s new (currently unoccupied) office building to watch the fireworks last night.  Ruby enjoyed them — she stayed snuggled in her sling with her eyes open and just watched.  The noise didn’t bother her at all.

Upon returning to our car, we discovered that our car had been towed.  (Apparently, we’d parked illegally — although there were no signs to that effect, and we’re going to fight the ticket (and towing charges!)).  Anyway, thus began the mile and a half walk to the towing company’s lot.  I carried Ruby most of the way, and my arms didn’t get tired at all.  I could have carried her a lot further.

It’s nice to see that one of the expected benefits of parenthood — getting in shape — is starting to materialize.  I don’t know if “getting in shape” is a common expectation for new parents, but Ruby has really helped me hit my fitness goals.  It’s not just carrying her around for a few hours a day, or doing baby bench press.  Going for a run with Ruby is an important — nearly essential — part of our daily routine.  Ruby enjoys the ride (usually), and she gets to see trees and cars and sky for an hour, but most importantly it consumes an hour of what can be a daunting ten-hour day.  I’m surprised that there are stay-at-home parents who don’t have time for exercise.  It’s one of the easiest parts of my time with Ruby.