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The Curve Steepenates

April 5, 2012

Despite a few good days of working in the shop, progress has all but ground to a halt.  I had a minor triumph with the following video: actual noise from an actual bell when you press an actual key!

Sadly, the excitement was short-lived.  All that wobbly misguidedness just wouldn’t do, so it was back to the drawing board.  I spent this morning trying to figure out how to add more stability without throwing the basic alignment out of whack, but couldn’t come up with anything that works.  This afternoon I spent many minutes downstairs at the piano, flicking the hammers and wondering at the perfect alignment they achieve.  Effortless motion… no wobble at all.

I feel like I’m heading back to the drawing board.  Wiser, yes, but still: drawing board.  I’m very much looking forward to the day(s) when I can finally (confidently) lock in a design and start cranking out 40 identical pieces of piano over and over and over and over again.