Celesta Workshop Day #2

I spent a few hours in the shop today with the intention of busting out prototype #2, but things didn’t go quite as planned. I made some modifications to the design with the intent of simplifying things, but unfortunately progress went into the other direction. I’m dealing with small pieces of wood (typically 1″ x 6″ x 3/8″ or so) and handling these on a table saw is a tricky, and occasionally dangerous, business. I need to come up with a different design and/or different tools that let me carve the necessary grooves and slots and tabs onto the pieces without putting my fingers into the danger zone.

To that end, my Dad will be coming down next week to give me an introductory lesson to the router he gave me for Christmas. Also, on my drive home tonight I came up with an alternate design for some of the pieces that just might make the grooves and lots and tabs unnecessary…

It’s an interesting challenge to keep in mind that whatever I do, I have to do 32 times (actually more like 40, so I have spare parts) in a consistent, repeatable, safe fashion. It’s a challenge I’m enjoying, because I’m hoping to go make more than one of these.

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