Building A Boat

A wise friend once said to me: “Steve, you should build a boat.” She offered the advice as a suggestion for healing; it would keep my occupied, give me a purpose and a distraction.

So I did: I made a tiny boat for her and her husband as a wedding present:

Never Stop Bailing (a boat for Scooter)

…and then continued on making other things.

But now, I feel like it’s time for something intricate and ambitious and exciting. It’s time to build my boat…  except instead of a boat, I’m building a piano.

Ok, technically it’s a toy piano: instead of using strings (and requiring a giant cast-iron frame to hold them), the hammers will be hitting the bells from a glockenspiel. It will only have 32 keys. But everything else will be as piano-like as possible, from the keys to the action to (hopefully) the way it feels when you play it. I’ll make just about everything out of wood.

Right now I’m in the design phase: scribbling levers and blocks in a notebook and staring off into space on a regular basis. I’m hoping to start working on a prototype action (the action is the name for the mechanism that sounds a note when you press a key) this weekend. Stay tuned for updates!

Designing pianos at the bar



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