Selling My Camera Gear

I’m parting with all my old camera equipment (it’s up on ebay right now). This is the last of the gear from my photography days at Microsoft — when I was flush with spending money and I didn’t meet a lens I didn’t like. I already went through and sold the majority of it last year so that I could buy a new digital body, but now I’m selling the rest — my four favorite lenses, the body, and the flash.

Two days ago, I was trying to take pictures of Ruby and struggling with the incredibly slow focusing of the Pentax system. I was missing shots, switching back and forth between manual and autofocus, and generally spending too much time fighting the camera instead of taking pictures. We’re already using our lower-quality camera way more often than the fancy SLR because it’s so much easier to use. But that night was the last straw.

So, I’m auctioning it all off. I’ll use the proceeds to buy a new system — whether it’ll be a new SLR or a souped-up point-and-shoot, I’m not sure.

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