How Microsoft is losing

I’m working on a specification document for my new job.  I need to draw a diagram showing how various servers communicate with each other.  Unfortunately, Word keeps hanging after I get a few boxes done.

I kill Word, submit the error report, and Microsoft tells me to download some updates.  Fine.  Except now I need to validate my installation of Office.  Fine.  Validation is only possible if I’m running IE, and I use FF.  Fine/Grrr.  I copy the URL of the page I’m on, launch IE, and paste it in.  Same error message. Grrr.

I click around a bit, find the right link to get back on the path, and try installing the validation control.  Doesn’t work.  Try again.  Works, apparently.  No, wait, it wants me to install it again.  Third time.  Oh, look, my installation of Office is valid!  Thanks, but I already knew that.

Okay, now can I update Office?  No, it says that the update manager thingy isn’t available for me.  So I click around some more, find the Office Update section.  No guidance is provided as to which update I might need.  SP4 is more than 100MB.  Does it include all of the previous updates?  Do I need SP3 to be installed first?  Do I have SP3 installed?

I close IE, head back to Firefox, and download

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One Response to “How Microsoft is losing”

  1. buzz Says:

    I use OpenOffice too …. ON MY MAC!

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