Table Food Day 4

The night of Ruby’s first applesauce was a nightmare.  She went to sleep around 8:30pm but awoke, crying, at 9:30pm.  She continued wailing for an hour until finally settling down and going back to sleep.  Kate’s back has been bothering her so I’ve been on bounce duty for the past few weeks.  Anyway, from the way Ruby’s legs were kicking around we thought maybe the applesauce had given her some kind of cramps.  However, we’ve now given her apples for four days in a row without a repeat of the first episode, so we’ll just chalk it up to coincidence.

Ruby hasn’t quite got the hang of unbottled food yet.  If she’s not really hungry, she’ll ignore the food.  When she’s interested, she’s very… lengual?  tongue-oriented?  licky?  …she prefers to lick food off the spoon.  If you catch her with her mouth open and get a large amount in, she’s just extrude it down her chin.  She’s not eating much; maybe two tablespoons today, of which half ended up elsewhere than inside her belly.  In any event, she’s not averse to this new experience and I’m looking forward to the next food.  Bananas, maybe?

Update: Kate fed Ruby her first bananas for dinner tonight.  Ruby seemed to enjoy them more than the apples.  Still messy, but with less extruding all around. 

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