Ruby's First Table Food

food1.jpgWe gave Ruby her first table food tonight: tsugaru apples, picked fresh from our garden from a tree I planted three years ago.  The apple was diced, steamed, mashed, thinned with breastmilk, and then promptly smeared all over Ruby’s chin.  Overall she seemed to enjoy her applesauce, even if she did seem a bit confused by the whole endeavor.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time — probably more than any other milestone in Ruby’s life.  Today is the start of a special relationship between the two of us as I take her on a wonderful culinary journey.  I just hope her appetite can match my enthusiasm.

Like any parent I want to provide the best for my child.  That means we’ll be providing her with whole foods, home cooked, maybe organic.  That’s a little hypocritical, though, since my own diet often leaves a lot to be desired (pizza for dinner tonight!).  I’m hoping Ruby will provide a little inspiration, or at least a little regulation, and that my own diet will improve to match what I expect hers to be.

More pictures and a movie over at Ruby’s Blog.

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