Babies don't hold grudges

Ruby’s lunchtime feeding devolved into a screaming match.  She was hungry, but struggling.  She was turning her head away from the nipple, then back on for a few sucks, then away again.  And occasionally she’d arch her back or kick her legs.

None of this is acceptable behavior.  I can follow her face around with the bottle, but Kate can’t do that with her breast so it’s something we’re trying to actively discourage.  Anyway (to keep a long story short) her meal eventually devolved into her wailing on the pillows and me needing to take a five minute break in another room.  Ten minutes later she had calmed down enough for some quiet sobbing and sniffling while I held her, and ten minutes after that her meal proceeded uneventfully.

It has now been a few hours, and this episode has left me feeling drained, sad, and disconnected from Ruby.  Ruby, on the other hand, is back to being as smiley as she’s ever been — as if the whole thing never happened.  I guess babies don’t hold grudges.

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