Ruby's huggy future

Metrodad posted this today:

The Peanut is NOT a hugger.

For the most part, she never really wants to hug us.  She’s either too busy or she’s just too independent. 

The ONLY times that she ever gives us one of those huge neck-grabbing bear hugs is when she’s absolutey scared out of her Huggies. 

Even though Ruby’s only 4.5 months old, this reminded me of her.  She’s not much of a cuddler, and really prefers to have physical contact on her own terms.  She likes to be held, but only if you’re also carting her around and keeping her entertained.  And although she certainly doesn’t want to be left alone, physical closeness for its own sake doesn’t seem important to her.

Obviously I’d like to enjoy a lifetime of cuddles and hugs from my daughter, so I’m instituting a few strategies that might help in this regard:

  • First of all, I’m going to work on developing longer stretches of quiet holding time.  When Ruby’s in her quiet/thoughtful moods, I tend to leave her alone while taking care of things around the house.  Instead, I’ll try to be quiet and thoughtful with her. 
  • Secondly, I’m going to try to pay more attention to her cues when we’re playing together.  We play aggressively together, and I’m not going to change the overall style of play.  But I am going to try to avoid getting all up in her face when she’s tired of raspberries.

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