The Stochastic Baby

It seems like just the day after I sang the praises of Ruby’s predictable schedule, Ruby changed her mind.  It looks like she’s evolved (or is evolving) towards a new schedule, and in the meantime my planning has been shot all to hell.  Last week I wasn’t able to predict her sleeping (and, to a lesser extent, her eating) with any real degree of accuracy, which led to some really frustrating days.  Now, though, it seems like things have settled down again.  For the time being. 

Ruby’s new schedule:

  • 4am or 5am: Awake for a feeding, then back to sleep.  Kate takes care of this and isn’t too happy about it.
  • 7am: up to start the day with another meal from Kate.
  • 10am: a short nap, maybe 30 minutes
  • 10:30am: first meal
  • 1pm: a longer nap, between one and two hours
  • 3:30pm: second meal
  • 5pm: Another short nap
  • 5:30pm: Kate is home from work
  • 8:00pm: bathtime
  • 8:30pm: bedtime

The biggest change here is that she generally only needs to be fed twice a day (not counting mornings and evenings, when her Mom provides food on demand).  Her daytime meals are also bigger as a result.  This is good for me, since I don’t need to feed her as often, although I had set up some interesting programs to watch on TV while she was eating (such as a biography of Benjamin Franklin and a Nova special on string theory — hurray for PBS!), and now I’m getting behind.

It looks like she’s also slowly moving towards one long nap with a few catnaps throughout the day.  This is nice as it gives me a big chunk of time to work on Feedwhip or whatever projects I’ve got lined up for the day.

I fully expect this will change again in the future, but for now, it’s nice to be back on a predictable schedule.

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