Diaper Service, 1 week later

The first two days of diaper service were horrible.  We suddenly had to pay attention to this whole other thing that could make Ruby upset.  Instead of food & boredeom, we now had food & boredom & wet diaper, and it took us a while to remember to check that last item.  The new diapers also made Ruby generally a lot fussier, which isn’t so much fun for us.  We went through 22 diapers in the first two days — almost twice as many as we usually use.  We ran out and had to go back to disposables until the next delivery.

Eventually, though, Ruby adjusted.  She’s mostly back to her usual cheery self, and that’s quite a relief.  She’s not showing any signs of a rash at this point (she had a little bit at the beginning).  Although she enjoys being on the changing table, she gets upset every time I snap a new diaper on — I’m not sure if it’s my technique or the construction.

Although it’s nice having diapers magically clean themselves twice per week, I’m not sure that the diaper service is worth the cost.  At $80/month, they’re more than disposables.  My brother-in-law calculated that their investment in fuzzi bunz paid itself off in less than 5 months (compared to disposables).  We’re going to give the ‘bunz a test drive in the next few weeks, and if they pass muster we’ll buy a dozen or so of them.

Besides, I think it’s good to get used to washing the baby’s diapers now, before she starts eating solid food and her poo gets extra nasty.

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One Response to “Diaper Service, 1 week later”

  1. chong Says:

    You know, I’ve been picking up my dog’s poo with a plastic bag covering my hand for just over 4 years now. While it was icky at first, now I don’t even think about it. I don’t think it’ll be too bad washing the fuzzi bunz unless she gets a little gravey butt.

    I know I’m compairing Ruby with my dog but that is all the reference I have.

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