The To Do List

Kate and I are both knee-deep in to do lists. Changes of address, packing and moving, vaccinations, shopping, farewell dinners…

I want to take the next hour or so to create yet another to do list, but one with items that won’t get checked off until after we start traveling.

learn to surf
eat upscale sushi in Japan
watch soccer matches (ongoing)
climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
watch sumo wrestling
learn to scuba dive
lie on the beach (ongoing)
go tramping in New Zealand
bungee jump (maybe)
climb Mt. Fuji
watch an Aussie Rules football match
watch a Sumo match
study yoga
take a class in classic French cooking
discuss the finer points of international beer with international friends
discuss the finer points of local beer with local friends
sleep in a castle
buy a bottle of tequila from the source
learn to make sushi
wear a sarong and feel like it’s the most natural thing in the world
eat a Kobe steak
ride horses in Mongolia
ride the chicken bus (with actual chickens present)
cruise through the Three Gorges
trek in Nepal
study Gong Fu with the Shaolin Monks
write a short story (ongoing)
visit (and perhaps climb) Ayers Rock/Ululu
study buddhism
buy a kilt
do volunteer work (ongoing)
hold a meaningful conversation in a foreign language
sleep in a hammock in a bamboo hut beneath palm trees on a white sand beach next to a deep blue lagoon (waterfall optional)
full moon rave, Thailand
ride the Moscow subway
visit a Turkish bathhouse
visit a Japanese bathhouse
read, read, read (ongoing)
barge through the canals of England

This list will continue to grow as new ideas come up and items get checked off.

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